Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Walking Dead Halloween Costumes for Adults

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Adult Costume 

Halloween is here and you want to dress like the cool squad from the Walking Dead. That's cool. I am a fan of the Walking Dead so decided to put this post to help find Halloween costumes for Adults.  I know many people are looking to be any Walking Dead character for Halloween and some costumes can be time consuming to look, so here we go. 

The Walking Dead TV Show Adult Little Girl Zombie Costume

This costume screams The Walking Dead from miles. Everyone remembers that little zombie girl that Rick had to kill in the first season.  This costume is one of the characters because it stood up to viewers. It's a cool costume and love the bear hanging. 

Little Girl Costume from Walking Dead

To make a Daryl Halloween Costume is simple. There is no costume actually that sells a legit Daryl costume, however it can be made by putting the pieces together. Daryl wears a cool leather jacked in the show with two Angel wings at the back. You can get an  adult Daryl Dixon Jacket here.

Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Leather Vest, X-Large Size 44 

Daryl Dixon Wings Jacket

The Walking Dead Roleplay Weapon Daryl's Crossbow

Though Carl Grimes is a kid in the Walking Dead, you can still make a adult halloween costume as him. He is brave and has being forced to grow up in order to survive. For his costume, you can get a plaid shirt that are sold basically anywhere including online [ cheap plaid shirts].. Stain it with fake blood or dark liquid. The point is to make the shirt look dirty.

Western Cowboy Hat - Cattleman's with Cavalry Band - Brown (small/medium)

So if you want to be bad a$$ Michonne for Halloween then the most obvious thing you need is Michonne's sword.  She is one of the most popular and bravest characters. You cannot be the Walking dead squad without Michonne.

The Walking Dead Michonne Katana Prop Replica (5000 unit run)


Michonne is always wearing a brown- caramel leather vest. That's one of the clothes she's been wearing for seasons. You can either get a new one or an used one just for your costume. Ebay has new and used ones at affordable prices. 

Gleen, the sweetheart and also one of the coolest characters. He is dressed a little more sophisticated than the rest though that is impossible to be shown since he is basically needs to survive and theres always dirt and blood all over him.

Haggar Men's Short Sleeve Polo Striped, Black, Small

A shirt that Glenn would wear.

Flexfit 5001 6-Panel Structured Mid-Profile Cap - BROWN - L/XL

In the first season and part of the other seasons, Glenn is seen wearing a hat. This is the type of hats he wears in the show.

Maggie is one of the hottest and also brave women in the Walking Dead. The circumstances had made her strong. An adult costume of her would not be difficult since her outfits are always plain.  If you have long hair or shorter hair than her, then I recommend a wig so it can be obvious that you are dressed as Maggie.

MelodySusie® Beautiful Short Dark Brown With Inclined Bangs Stunning Wig Full Wig + MelodySusie® Wig Cap + MelodySusie® Wig Comb

This is a wig similar to Maggie's hair. You can get rid of the bangs by pulling it back

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Daryl Dixon Costume- Walking Dead Halloween Costumes Daryl

If you are looking for a Daryl Dixon costume, then you might find the rightone here. Walking dead Halloween costumes are what every cool person in Halloween is wearing. It's cool because who doesn't like the Walking dead? Daryl is one of the most popular and cool characters from the Walking dead because aside from his cool crossbow he is brave. Everyone would like to be Daryl or meet a Daryl if a zombie apocalypse were to really happen. 

Daryl is seen to be wearing a vest. The more similar the best, the easier for others to notice who you are for Halloween.

The Walking Dead Roleplay Weapon Daryl's Crossbow
You cannot be Daryl Dixon for halloween unless you have a crossbow. Everyone knows that! Fortunately, there are Daryl Dixon crossbows to complete your Walking Dead halloween costume. But, if you want to go more original you can get an AUTOGRAPHED crossbow from the one and only Daryl Dixon. 

Another cool thing about being Daryl Dixon for Halloween is that it is simple to make a costume of him. You would need a brown t-shirt, cut the sleeves off. The Walking Dead is all about survival and cutting off the sleeves is necessary to make the costume look more real.  You can find really cheap brown t-shirts here and of all sizes.

F&H Men's Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Vest L Black

Ethical Plush Skinneeez Fox 24-Inch Stuffingless Dog Toy
One of the things that Daryl does is hunt food. Though it is extremely to ask you to hunt real animals and make it part of your Halloween costume.. That is not always possible! However, depending on how old you are, a plush like this can help with your costume. Why not? 

Ultimately, have fun! Being a Walking Dead Halloween is all about fun just like the show! You already know you need some dirty dark pants, dirty shows if possible. Being Daryl Dixon is a great Halloween idea for kids and adults. 

Daryl Costume Tip: You can wet the t-shirt in order to give it a humid look, Make your hair look sweaty with water or hair oil (don't put too much). 

Animated Walking Dead Halloween Props 2015